C-Pluff C API  0.2.0

C API functions. More...


 Framework information
 These functions can be used to query runtime information about the linked in C-Pluff implementation.
 Framework initialization
 These functions are used for framework initialization.
 Plug-in context initialization
 These functions are used to manage plug-in contexts from the main program perspective.
 These functions can be used to receive and emit log messages related to a particular plug-in context.
 Plug-in management
 These functions can be used to manage plug-ins.
 Plug-in and extension information
 These functions can be used to query information about the installed plug-ins, extension points and extensions or to listen for plug-in state changes.
 Plug-in execution
 These functions support a plug-in controlled execution model.
 Dynamic symbols
 These functions can be used to dynamically access symbols exported by the plug-ins.
 Plug-in loaders
 These functions are used to construct standard plug-in loaders.

Detailed Description

C API functions.

The C-Pluff C API functions and any data exposed by them are generally thread-safe if the library has been compiled with multi-threading support. The framework initialization functions are exceptions, they are not thread-safe.

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