C-Pluff C API  0.2.0
Shorthand type names

Shorthand type names for structs and enumerations. More...


typedef struct cp_plugin_info_t cp_plugin_info_t
 A type for cp_plugin_info_t structure. More...
typedef struct cp_plugin_import_t cp_plugin_import_t
 A type for cp_plugin_import_t structure. More...
typedef struct cp_ext_point_t cp_ext_point_t
 A type for cp_ext_point_t structure. More...
typedef struct cp_extension_t cp_extension_t
 A type for cp_extension_t structure. More...
typedef struct cp_cfg_element_t cp_cfg_element_t
 A type for cp_cfg_element_t structure. More...
typedef struct cp_plugin_runtime_t cp_plugin_runtime_t
 A type for cp_plugin_runtime_t structure. More...
typedef struct cp_plugin_loader_t cp_plugin_loader_t
 A type for cp_plugin_loader_t structure. More...
typedef enum cp_status_t cp_status_t
 A type for cp_status_t enumeration. More...
typedef enum cp_plugin_state_t cp_plugin_state_t
 A type for cp_plugin_state_t enumeration. More...
typedef enum cp_log_severity_t cp_log_severity_t
 A type for cp_log_severity_t enumeration. More...

Detailed Description

Shorthand type names for structs and enumerations.

Typedef Documentation

◆ cp_plugin_info_t

A type for cp_plugin_info_t structure.

◆ cp_plugin_import_t

A type for cp_plugin_import_t structure.

◆ cp_ext_point_t

A type for cp_ext_point_t structure.

◆ cp_extension_t

A type for cp_extension_t structure.

◆ cp_cfg_element_t

A type for cp_cfg_element_t structure.

◆ cp_plugin_runtime_t

A type for cp_plugin_runtime_t structure.

◆ cp_plugin_loader_t

A type for cp_plugin_loader_t structure.

◆ cp_status_t

typedef enum cp_status_t cp_status_t

A type for cp_status_t enumeration.

◆ cp_plugin_state_t

A type for cp_plugin_state_t enumeration.

◆ cp_log_severity_t

A type for cp_log_severity_t enumeration.

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