C-Pluff C API  0.2.0
C-Pluff C API Documentation

This is reference documentation for the C-Pluff C API.C-Pluff is a plug-in framework for C programs. It has been strongly inspired by the Java plug-in framework in Eclipse. C-Pluff focuses on providing core services for plug-in interaction and plug-in management. It aims to be platform neutral and supports dynamic changes to plug-in configuration without stopping the whole application or framework. It does not yet provide special facilities for distribution such as signed plug-in packages or remote plug-in repositories but it is possible to build such features on top of the current framework.

Here are links to main topics.

For a "quick start guide" in developing C-Pluff based applications, see the example in the examples directory of the source distribution.

The latest version of the framework implementation and documentation is available at C-Pluff web site.

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