C-Pluff C API  0.2.0
Here is a list of all modules:
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 DefinesPreprocessor defines
 Version informationC-Pluff version information
 Symbol visibilityMacros for controlling inter-module symbol visibility and linkage
 GCC attributesThese macros conditionally define GCC attributes for declarations
 Flags for plug-in scanningThese constants can be orred together for the flags parameter of cp_scan_plugins
 EnumerationsConstant value enumerations
 TypedefsTypedefs of various kind
 Opaque typesOpaque data type definitions
 Shorthand type namesShorthand type names for structs and enumerations
 Callback function typesTypedefs for client supplied callback functions
 Data structuresData structure definitions
 FunctionsC API functions
 Framework informationThese functions can be used to query runtime information about the linked in C-Pluff implementation
 Framework initializationThese functions are used for framework initialization
 Plug-in context initializationThese functions are used to manage plug-in contexts from the main program perspective
 LoggingThese functions can be used to receive and emit log messages related to a particular plug-in context
 Plug-in managementThese functions can be used to manage plug-ins
 Plug-in and extension informationThese functions can be used to query information about the installed plug-ins, extension points and extensions or to listen for plug-in state changes
 Plug-in executionThese functions support a plug-in controlled execution model
 Dynamic symbolsThese functions can be used to dynamically access symbols exported by the plug-ins
 Plug-in loadersThese functions are used to construct standard plug-in loaders

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